Playlist Maker for Slack

Playlist Maker Slack command require certain permissions in order to create playlists for your Workspace.

The following permissions are required:

command permission: This permission allows Playlist Maker to add itself as a Slack slash command, allowing the app to respond when users type the command “/playlistmaker"

Playlist Maker does not store any info beyond the Slack team name/id, enterprise name/id and retrieved token, required to confirm your identity and successfully execute the slash command. Individual user info is not requested nor required to use the app.

Playlist Maker creates public playlists when generated and can only be viewed by anyone with access to the streaming platform associated with the destination link.

Playlist Maker does not store email or user information associated with your Slack account upon authentication with our app.

Playlist Maker may store message information generated during your use of the Playlist Maker service.

Playlist Maker may be uninstalled from your workplace at any time by visiting our app directory page in the Slack app directory.


We take privacy seriously any and all privacy complaints will be resolved in a timely and efficient manner. Should you have any concerns about privacy, please reach out to us at